GDPR for Photographers


New Privacy Rules for photographers

Unfortunately, GDPR (due to take effect on 25th May 2018) isn't the most clear set of rules when it comes to photographers...

The law seems very much geared toward big corporations rather than small businesses like wedding or portrait photographers - but the new rules hit us particularly hard  because they're so ambiguous.

In practice, if you've always been careful with clients details and general privacy you may not need to change much about how you do business.

One really important thing to do though, is get a clear, simple privacy policy in place that lays out a few key points required by GDPR.

GDPR Privacy Policy for Photographers

Below is the Privacy Policy I've implemented for my wedding photography business.

I've put it together based off a whole lot of information openly available around the internet - so be warned, it's not drafted by a lawyer, and if you want to be sure you're compliant you must check in with a lawyer and get them to draft your Privacy Policy for you.

Please feel free to use this as inspiration, bearing in mind that it's not been written by a lawyer but make sure to customise it completely to your business - we conduct our wedding photography businesses very differently to most photographers, so if you copy this directly you might be causing yourself trouble! 

It's been suggested that the law will be heavily refined and perfected over the next 12 months to give greater clarity, so be ready to adapt to those changes if/when they come.

One last point - make sure your privacy policy is somewhere easily accessible on your website as this is an important part of the new GDPR regulations! I've placed a link to mine in the website footer and next to my contact form.

1. What information is being collected?

1.1 – We will collect a specific set of information before, during and after your booking with _______ Photography and use any of our services. This includes, but is not limited to:
• The names, addresses and telephone number of the person(s) using our service.
• Details provided by you, and notes taken by us throughout a photoshoot/wedding or other service provided that are related to your service(s) and your customer experience.

1.2 – If you email us or send us messages via social media, these messages are stored within our email system or social media accounts. These messages and contact details are stored for as long as needed to allow us to provide you with the services you engage us in as well as ongoing customer service.

2. Who is collecting your information?

2.1 – This data is being collected by _______ Photography. We use a secure server to hold our email conversations including any personal data you choose to send us, including your email address.

2.2 – If you decide to order any printed/physical products, we may need to pass your delivery data (Name and address) to the Album/print providers.

3. How is your information collected?

3.1 – The only personal data we collect is the data you choose to give us. If you choose to contact us, we will ask you to provide us with details such as your name, your partners name, wedding details and your email address

3.2 – You may choose to share, via email, details such as your physical home or work address for use in delivering your images or albums.

3.3 – When committing to a booking, you will be required to fill out a booking form/contract hosted by a secure, private third party.

4. Why is your information collected?

4.1 – The data we collect is used solely in relation to providing the service(s) you have ordered, or have commissioned to be ordered on your behalf.

4.2 – Any additional data we collect is to help provide you with a better customer service experience.

4.3 – We are required by law to collect and store certain information relating to any order you place with us.

5. How will your information be used?

5.1 – Data we collect will be used by _______ Photography to enable us to provide our services and products to you.

5.2 – Your data will not be shared with any third party without prior consent unless this is necessary for the execution or delivery of your service(s).

5.3 – _________ Photography may internally analyse data for business and forecast purposes.

5.4 – _________ Photography has a legitimate interest in using images taken in relation to your booking and may use these images in the following ways :

• On social media for promotion & advertising purposes.
• On our website for promotion & advertising purposes.
• For marketing materials (business stationery, flyers, business cards etc)
• For publications such as wedding blogs and wedding magazines.

5.5 – You will, at any point in time, be able to request the removal of these images from online sources if your personal circumstances change, or you feel that this is in violation of your professional agreement. For printed media we will seek your consent prior to sending for print as, once distributed, we will be unable to recall printed media.

6. Who will your information be shared with?

6.1 – We take the privacy of your information very seriously. We do not sell your information to third party organisations. We will not share your information with any third party unless the is necessary for the execution or delivery of your service(s) to you. These include:

• Delivery and Postage Service Providers; to allow us to send you documentation and orders you have placed. Information shared includes name and address. In some cases an email address or mobile number will be required by third party service providers.

• Manufacturers (for example our printing labs); if we are sending an order directly to you from a third party provider. Information shared includes name and address. In some cases an email address or mobile number will be required by service providers.

• Legal Requirements – we will provide data to law enforcement agencies if issued with a court order to do so.

7. How will this affect you?

7.1 – We collect, store and process your information in such a way that should have no negative effect on you as an individual.

8. How long is your information stored?

8.1 – Personal data collected for paying clients is stored indefinitely. This is to allow us to provide a better service to you as a customer in the event that you contact us again in the future.

8.2 – We are legally obligated to store some data for a minimum amount of time, for example sale and payment records and booking forms/contracts.

8.3 – If you choose to contact us and provide the personal data required to initiate an enquiry, but choose not to hire us – we will endeavour to delete your data in a timely manner.

9. Access to stored data.

9.1 – If, as an existing client, you have any questions about the data we hold about you, please contact us directly.

Note – upon our response to your first use of our contact form, you will be provided with our contact details which you may use to contact us directly at any time.

9.2 – You may request a copy of any data we store about you – and we will comply with any requests as per the guidance of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

10. More information.

10.1 – If you would like any clarification on how we collect, store or process your data – please contact us directly.

10.2 – If you would like further information on the legal guidelines we operate within or have any concerns about how we use your data, please consult

11. Our Details

11.1 – This business is owned and operated by ________, trading as _______ Photography. Please contact us through the contact form on the website or the contact information we have previously shared with you.

As I've previously mentioned - I'm not a lawyer, so do your own research. I've created my GDPR policy based on my personal understanding of the new rules but I hope this might help you to understand them for yourself too! 

Photography Business Training Foundations : Focus



Today we're looking at part 2 in the Wolfe Island Business Foundations course: FOCUS

Think about this for a second: 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Without a plan of how to get where you hope to go, any goal you have will just be a hopeful wish.

I absolutely love a good plan - because without one, you're never going to end up where you want to go.

Want to be a destination wedding photographer? I can tell you from experience, a plan is the only thing that gets you there.

Want to be the go-to boudoir photographer in your city? Time to make a plan! 

I know what you are thinking..."er, dur...I know I need a plan! 

I HAVE a plan; I want to be a full-time photographer" 

Here's the thing, we're not talking about THAT kind of plan.

It's not enough to have a vague end goal in your mind.

If it is not written down, If it is not actionable,
If it is not calculated,

Then it is NOT a plan, it's merely a wish!

Remember a plan without a goal is just a wish.

You need FOCUS

You need to be able to clearly see where you are going AND be able to see how to get there!

Over the coming weeks, we're going to continue discussing the 8 essential business 
foundations - This has the power to start to transform your business success, but only if you
make plans from them.

So what does a plan actually get you? 

Firstly a plan stops you feeling discouraged when things don't work!

When you feel discouraged you think you're a failure, and when you think you're a failure - that's when you give up.

Secondly, a plan shows you what workedwhat was a waste of time and what can be improved because you can compare different ideas. 

With a plan you've always got improvements to make so you never actually fail. 

Ever run a Facebook ad that didn't work? I bet you only 
ran one, and now convinced that Facebook ads don't work for photographers.

Well you'd be extremely lucky if anything works the first time you try! A planner sets aside time and money to give it a few tries and make it work.

On top of that a plan keeps you accountable to finish what you start.

Most of us come up with an idea, do 5% of it and then never see it through. 

Not one single success in my photography business has happened until I've seen plans through 100% to completion. 

In fact some things feel like they get worse at the beginning, until you break through the give-up barrier. 

Going all the way, 100%, takes serious mental commitment and there are two things that we have found have helped us to keep going.

First, planning - having the goal written down, and all the steps leading up to it. 

Second, someone to talk it through with - 
we've got an unfair advantage because we're married, but you will have someone you can talk to as well.

We need other photographers around us!

Get prepared to start making plans,

Get another photography buddy who is going to hold you to your plan - someone you can bounce ideas off, someone who can pick you up on your dark days and remind you of your focus.

Have you got that person in mind?

Invite them to come and join us for this series by sending them to the Wolfe island website and then you can go through these 8 Foundations to Photography Business Success together!

You can talk through each new challenge and encourage each other. 

And don't forget that you can also get involved with the community over on the Wolfe-Island Business Exchange Facebook group! 

We are all colleagues not competition, together we are stronger.

Stay tuned for part 3, which will be coming your way very soon!

By the way, if you missed part one of the foundation series (Profit!) - all you need to do is go here 🙂

We're excited to keep building business with you! Look out for part 3 coming soon!


Photography Business Training Foundations : Profit



Over the next few weeks we'll be taking you through our latest free training series: The 8 Foundations of Photography Business Success.

The one thing we are passionate about communicating here at Wolfe Island is that your photography business success lies in more than just your photography alone.

Did you know that?

It doesn't matter how great your photography is, if you don't  have these 8 Foundations of Success in place you'll always feel like you are getting left behind. 

We're passionate about helping you get the success and reputation that your business deserves.

In this next free series we’re going to cover the 8 essential foundations to propel your photography business into the profitable, sustainable success story you need.

These are the secrets that every successful photographer knows

Not only do they know them but they already do them...really well! 

But the great news is that you can learn them too!

Successful photographers know that taking great pictures accounts for very little of your business success. For example your photography itself can be amazing, but if no one ever hears about you then you haven’t got a business, you’ve got a hobby.

So what are the foundations to a business that pays you a great salary, doing something you love?

Let's start with the first one: PROFIT

Profit is more valuable than you realise, for two extremely important reasons : the first is obvious; it pays for your family to eat! It makes sure you can pay the rent and allows you to retire.

The second is just as important - profit drives you to treat your customers even better!

If you charge too little, you scrape by - you rush jobs, cut corners and become deflated.

Over the years, we've seen two major objections to charging a strong, healthy price.

​The first is ridiculous - 'everyone deserves good photography' - maybe
they do, but they only get it if you charge enough for it because without the funds needed to provide to dedicated and excellent service, your customers will receive an inferior product.

You see, you're able to create time and energy to improve your craft if you have the financial flexibility to do so - you're able to have down time and space to think. 

You're able to go on courses and to do personal projects.

This financial flexibility only comes through the profit you make in your business.

Charge more to be able to give more!

We'll never stop saying this : your business is purely about your clients! The reason you charge more is to do a better job for your precious clients!

The other objection I have heard is - 'I'm not good enough to charge higher prices' - that may be true, but if you're that hard on yourself then your almost certainly better than you think.

At the end of the day, talent only accounts for so much - your tenacity to learn and grow counts for way more.

Profit drives you to get better and give more to your clients!

Less glamorous though, is paying your mortgage, feeding the kids and saving for retirement.

In today's photography world, you'd be forgiven for thinking that impressing other photographers is what pays the bills and not cash - how many times have you found yourself jealous of that photographer who travels the world for amazing destination weddings?

Don't be too jealous - I've lost count of the amount of photographers who have 
burnt out because they're offering massive discounts just to get that job.

I've seen destination jobs advertised online with photographers falling over themselves to land the gig; offering to do it for a massively reduced price, expenses only or even paying for it themselves!

They then post excessively about their glamorous lifestyle online which then makes others feel like they haven't "made" it yet and the cycle continues!

But the truth is you can't retire on Facebook likes! 

​"Making" it as a professional photographer does not mean that you are travelling the world if this is at the expense of this core business foundation:

You have to have the end goal in mind! 

At the end of the day you're going to be the one sunning it up on your Caribbean cruise in your golden years while those you once envied struggle to even retire.

Commit to the long haul.

A commitment to profit does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams or your personal preference in terms of who your dream clients are.

There are more than enough of your dream clients out there who have the money and willing to pay it.

But if you sell yourself short now, you will make yourself too busy and unmotivated to be able to find them.

You will create an emotional and financial rut that is difficult to get out of. 

You will have spent so long saying yes to the wrong clients (i.e. those without the budget or unwilling to spend it on you) that you have no idea how to start finding the right ones.

Build for the long term, build with the end in sight. 

The small sacrifices and heartache now will be far outweighed by the satisfaction of creating the exciting and profitable business that you are going to have tomorrow.

A business that is sustainable and a lifestyle beyond that of the photographers you once envied and causes YOU to become the envied one.

Keep THIS as the end goal.

Hope you've found this helpful, and it's encouraged you to view profit as a good thing - look out for the next video coming soon!